Top 3 best gold backed IRA Companies

Towers of coinsOne of the best ways of safeguarding your retirement is with an IRA backed with Gold. For many decades, gold has continued to hold its value and has been used throughout history as a source of money.

However, if you want to ensure that your investment is safe, you must choose a company that has your investment at heart. There are some gold IRA companies that think that it is fair to purchase back your physical gold at a price that is lower than what you bought.

Fortunately, there are some good companies that make a gold IRA vestment hassle-free and purchase back your physical gold at the prevailing market rates. These include:

Regal Assets

Regal Assets is a company that was recently featured in the Smart and Forbes magazine among the Top twently fastest growing companies in the United States. This is definitely for a good reason as their company relies on trust, honesty and customer service. Nothing proves this better than the fact that they have an A+ from the BBB. Most of their customers also give Regal Assets a five star Trustlink rating. Not only do you enjoy the first year free with Regal Assets but they have a flat fee for their IRA schedule. This is in comparison to other companies that charge a Scaled fee’ that is based on how much you intend to invest in gold. Regal Assets give a free guide on gold IRA investment, which is an important thing.

Capital Gold Group

This is another company that is highly rated with an A+ from the BBB. Their website is among the most detailed and informative that you will ever find. They are also quite open about their recommendations for Gold IRAs. For instance, they recommend that the Gold American Eagles are the best for your IRA. They say that these are a great for investment in the long-term due to their scarcity and bullion weight. Capital Gold Group handle the IRA accounts of their clients using the self directed IRAs. They will also provide you with a guide on how to own physical gold.

Morgan Gold

Morgan gold promises a delivery time of 48 hours on physical gold, which is definitely one of the best you will ever find. They also have an informative website though like the Capital Gold Group. You can call to order a Free kit for investing in Gold IRA from them. With these top 3 gold backed IRA, you can be assured of an increase in value of your investment

Are Gold IRAs Safe Investments

When looking for profitable future investments, you must take into consideration on some factors that makes Gold IRA as one of the most secure investments to have. In this life there is nothing that is more guaranteed to see you comfortable through your retirement age than a Gold IRA investment.

The Gold IRA investments provides one with so many benefits than any other type of investment that you may want to consider. Bank money saving is good for great financial secure times when market values are on the upswing, but in with the current economical changes things that are tangible contains more value than bank money saving investments.

Does Gold metals lose value?

For many centuries Gold has been a stable investment to many people all over the world. Gold is a precious metal that is very important to industries due to it’s many uses. Unlike other investments, as the demand for gold metal increases, the price also increases.

There are so many types of gold but the IRS only accept two types of gold, gold bullion and gold coins. Many people turn to Gold IRA investments because gold does not lose it’s power of purchasing. With many things depreciating their value every day, gold metals continue to have more demand as it’s uses increases.

If you invest on Gold IRA, you will have a good selling power after retirement and therefore you will be able to have a good life.

Are Gold IRA safe from Inflation

A gold IRA account is never affected by inflation, it helps to protect you against raised interest rates that rise from economical fluctuations. Countries conflict and outbreak of wars do not affect gold investments, it’s value still remains no matter how bad life becomes.

It’s doesn’t matter even when a bank success collapse, gold still retains it’s value.

Protect yourself From stock Market losses by investing on Gold IRA

When a country inflation rises to high levels, the value of stock markets depreciates with a big percentage. If you invest on Gold IRA, you save yourself and family from economical disappointment brought by stock value depreciation. Gold is never affected by inflation and this makes it the best investment for future benefits.

When you start a Gold IRA account, you are guaranteed of safe storage of your gold by your Custodian assigned to you by the bank. All bank custodians are well-trained and they provide you with all assistance that you may require when starting your gold IRA account. After signing up for a Gold IRA account, all you need is to do, is invest as much Gold as you can and when you grow old, you get a chance to have a worry free retirement investment.